ArtScience provides services within life sciences research and development


Discovery and Early Clinical Development

  • Preparation of preclinical package for first time in man
  • Preparation of regulative documents
  • Investigational Brochures
  • Orphan Drug applications
  • Disease target product profiles (DTPPs), drug target profiles (DTPs)
  • Biomarker strategies and translational medicine mapping



  • Expertise within inflammation, respiratory, diabetes, cancer
  • Project strategies, evaluation and assessment for commercialization
  • Support in business development
  • Portfolio and project reviews as well as competition analysis
  • Project management and project leadership roles
  • IP assessment
  • Expertise within medicinal chemistry, leads optimization, compound development


Regulatory Advice on Food Supplements and Food for Special Medical Purposes


Coordinators for CRO and partner activities

  • Chemistry
  • In vitro and In vivo biology
  • Clinical studies